Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Times: Enemy of the people? No, Tesco is a hero

Times: Enemy of the people? No, Tesco is a hero

Despite the recession, Tescos, the supermarket giant, is doing incredibly well. She rules the whole world, except in the USA, where she failed to sink Walmart.

I used to resent Tescos for her market dominance, but I have grown to love the place; its choice and variety.

I love the Tescos here in Stevenage. It is huge and sells everything you could need. I bought my vacuum cleaner there and I could have got my laptop from there as well.

They sell flip flops. They had a sale on recently and I bought loads of pairs. Tescos clothing is pretty good and at excellent prices.

The online Tescos is great too- they sell albums by obscure black metal bands like Hate Forest (the thought of getting an Hate Forest album from Tescos is kind of surreal).


Jonathan Hunt said...

Quite right. OK to work for and the only place I can afford to buy a decent family meal. Also, we get 10% off for life due to my wife's medical retirement. Further, the employees do get to share in the success. I don't begrudge it, it is a great British success story.

Palm boy said...

Never heard of Tescos. I suddenly feel more multiculturally intelligent. :D

Celestial Fundie said...

Jonathan, they are a decent store.

PB, I suppose you would. You're reading a British and European blog.

Richard said...

Personally I would not be sure that Christians ought to be listening to black metal groups with names like Hate Forest...