Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Polish Salad

One of the wonderful things I have been buying from Tescos lately is Polish salad, or rather, salatka.

It is pickled in a jar and contains cucumber, carrot, onion and red pepper.

It is so convenient. The problem with fresh salad is that it goes off. This pickled salad lasts for ages. One of the wonderful things that Britain's new Polish population has brought us.

Tescos sell it on a special shelf dedicated to Polish products.


Colin Maxwell said...


You're a mine o' information ...


Celestial Fundie said...

Perhaps you might try a jar of pickled salad?

There are Polish immigrants in Ireland, so there must be shops selling Polish food.

Colin Maxwell said...

There are plenty of Polish shops here. I like salad alright (traditional British fare) but pickles turn me right off. My mate at school used to have a fondness for Pickled Onion crisps. ("Chips" to Rose and her fellow patriots) His breath at lunch time was vile!


Celestial Fundie said...

You don't even like pickled gherkins?

I don't eat pickled onions. Never bothered with them.