Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to be a Drugs Worker Part 2

Always address your client as man.

When speaking to clients use hippy terminology, such as heavy, far out and groovy. Always refer to money as bread.


Antonio said...

This was a happy installment to my day!

Always refer to money as bread

I am rofl!


alvin said...

Matthew I think yu've been watching to many movies!

I was going to let you know that both my wifes family and my family come from your neck of the woods. My wifes mother and two of my wifes brothers were born in Alyesbury Bucks England about 16 miles from London. Her mothers maiden name was Crabtree, then later became Hagan.
Also my brother did a family tree search and found that our names use to be Venison. We were deer hunters for the King of England. We were a determined lot, and if we did not bring home the meat our heads could have ended up on a stake. Who knows my family might have fed yours at one time or another.
I remember doing a sermon one time and related hunting deer with hunting souls. It was probably a pretty bad sermon.
Have a Great Day!!!
alvin :)

Celestial Fundie said...

Antonio, glad you liked that.

Alvin, thanks for sharing that stuff.

I actually don't watch many movies.

Rose~ said...

I should liek to hear you say those things. :~)

Rose~ said...

That would be far-out....

Celestial Fundie said...

Maybe it would, man.

Colin Maxwell said...


How can you go from the cultured tones of the BBC Shippign forecast to "man" in a few posts?

Imagine our friend in Shipping, going:

"Hi man! - gonna be rough, man, gonna be rough. No sign of the wind droppin like lead, man, round the Orkney's. But don't worry, man, just batten down the hatches in your bash and play it cool, man."

Er...I don't think so



Celestial Fundie said...

That is the funniest comment you have ever made.