Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drug Tests

I am temporarily based at the service in Watford.

Today I learned how to carry out urine and swab tests for drugs (for clients on probation). Not something I will ordinarily be doing, but it is good to learn new stuff. When doing the urine test, you have to watch the client do their business.


alvin said...

Hi Matthew

I went back in time and just posted on your 2008 thread. But I can do that because I'm old and losing my mind . . .it's ok!!!

I have to take drug test when ever they want me too because I carry a big gun . . .pistola!
But they don't watch, you just can't flush the toilet, they have blue stuff in it.
Just focus on there ear Matthew, they will never know!!!

alvin :)

Celestial Fundie said...