Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yet more expence

My car would not start today. The battery had run out. It was old and needed replacing anyway. I had to call out the breakdown service before I could go to work. So I had to pay for a new car battery and I am going to lose my 'no-callouts' discount on the breakdown cover.


Rose~ said...

I am sorry for this trouble. You are definitely going through much adjustment and it can magnify these problems. Soon things will be running smoothly for you.

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Dave said...

Sorry to hear that Matthew, especially when I guess money must be a bit tight, if you have not been in work for a while. Motor batteries let us down, but the Lord never lets us down. Hope the travelling and working is going OK. God bless, Dave

Celestial Fundie said...

I had the car serviced on Saturday. I thought that would be a good idea. But it is still not starting well. Going to have to get it looked at again.

I seem to have been paid for the first two weeks work though.