Monday, December 08, 2008

Times: The peculiar case of middle-class benefits

Times: The peculiar case of middle-class benefits

'So it's bad for mothers to stay at home on welfare but it's OK to get state aid for your big mortgage?'

by Ross Clark

"When is a scrounger not a scrounger? Answer: when his state benefits are helping to keep him in a nice house with a £400,000 mortgage. I have been trying to square the Government's tough new proposals on welfare reform, which will involve slashing housing benefit and forcing single mothers of one- year-old children out to work, with its announcement last week of a mortgage rescue plan to allow homebuyers to take a two-year holiday on their mortgage repayments if they suffer a loss of income."

I am not sure I disagree with the mortgage rescue plan, though I do see its inconsistency with the welfare reform proposals the government is bringing in.

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