Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Neo-Kuyperian Assist to the Emergent Church

A Neo-Kuyperian Assist to the Emergent Church

'How does the legacy of a Dutch intuitive genius intersect with the phenomenon of the emergent church? The aim of tonight’s presentation is to suggest that neo-calvinism’s emphasis on common grace offers the same vital support to the postmodern-friendly emergent church as it did to the late nineteenth century Dutch reformed church that sought to engage every area of life while maintaining fidelity to orthodoxy. First, I will introduce the emergent church and highlight a particular emphasis that provides the potential for an intersection with neo-calvinism. I will then introduce the doctrine of common grace, and finally discuss how it can be articulated in a way that will benefit the emergent church.'

by Vincent Bacote and Daniel Pylman

A really interesting article exploring common themes between the Emergent Church and Abraham Kuyper's Neo-Calvinism.

It is refreshing to read a discussion of the Emergent Church that is not one-sided criticism. That said, I have as much theological difficulty with Neo-Calvinism as I have with the Emergent Church, particularly the idea of a 'cultural mandate.'

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