Monday, December 01, 2008

Church Thanksgiving Meal

Our church held a special dinner yesterday during which we had the opportunity to speak about the things God had done for us.

Reluctantly (I hate talking about myself in public) I went to the microphone and spoke briefly about my new job.

I then spoke about the prayers of my global internet friends and the encouragment of the hymn 'The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended.' I then sang it (I don't often sing solo and unaccompanied).

The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended,
The darkness falls at Thy behest;
To Thee our morning hymns ascended,
Thy praise shall sanctify our rest.

We thank Thee that Thy church, unsleeping,
While earth rolls onward into light,
Through all the world her watch is keeping,
And rests not now by day or night.

As o’er each continent and island
The dawn leads on another day,
The voice of prayer is never silent,
Nor dies the strain of praise away.

The sun that bids us rest is waking
Our brethren ’neath the western sky,
And hour by hour fresh lips are making
Thy wondrous doings heard on high.

So be it, Lord; Thy throne shall never,
Like earth’s proud empires, pass away:
Thy kingdom stands, and grows forever,
Till all Thy creatures own Thy sway.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Did you know Zane Hodges died>

Celestial Fundie said...


Jonathan Hunt said...

I thought you might have blogged about it, was all.

Celestial Fundie said...

I sort of did.

Antonio posted about it on his blog and I posted a link.

You are making me look bad now.

Anonymous said...

"The day thou gavest Lord has ended" - what a great hymn that is. Brave of you to sing it solo and unaccompanied in front of the church, but good to hear of you testifying of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to you. Dave

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks, Dave.

I am a bit frustrated at the moment by the delay in getting my contract.