Friday, November 07, 2008

There is power in prayer

On Monday I prayed that McCain would win the election in America. Yesterday I prayed that Labour would be defeated by the Scottish National Party in the Glenrothers by-election. For whatever reason those things did not happen.

Nevertheless, I can praise God that He has answered the prayers of myself and many kind brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was offered a job today. It will involve running a drugs and alcohol project in an hospital in Hertfordshire.

Many thanks to everybody who prayed for me to get a job, especially my brethren in Germany. I don't know the words to the German anthem, but I can at least sing Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken to that tune (the best tune for that one). Thanks everyone.

There are still things to pray for. I need to pray that I can start in reasonable time, that I find a place to live in Hertfordshire and a Bible-believing church and most importantly of all; that I glorify Christ in this job.


MAE said...

Hi Matthew,

I have read your post late yesterday evening and was very happy about the good news! (But to exhausted from a very hard week of work to respond.) All' praise and thanks to God!
You will be still in our prayers. We know from own experience, how difficult transition times can be.
God bless you,

Celestial Fundie said...

I was quite tired last night too, but I still managed to find the energy to go to a pub with my parents to celebrate with some beer.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Matthew this is GREAT news and answered prayer! Hope you soon find somewhere to live in that new area and can become involved in a church where your gifts are recognised and can be exercised and where God's Word is faithfully proclaimed to a godly people. I looked on a map and this place is not near your parents or your sister, but God IS Faithful!! Bless you brother. Great news! Dave

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks, Dave. Yes, it is encouraging.

Jonathan Hunt said...

Indeed, great news. Whereabouts in herts will you be?

Let me get this straight, you prayed for a right wing politician to win on tuesday and a socialist to win on thursday? You sick little puppy ;-)))

Celestial Fundie said...


"Let me get this straight, you prayed for a right wing politician to win on tuesday and a socialist to win on thursday? You sick little puppy ;-)))"

Politics is a messy businness.

MAE said...

"to celebrate with some beer."
I hope, it was a good one ;-)

God is faithful and this answer to all the prayers (not only those from us!) encourages me too, when I think of those prayers in my life, wich are still unanswered. Jacob and his experience at the Pniel has become a big encouragement for me too.
Have a blessed Sunday,

Celestial Fundie said...

You take the view that Jacob's wrestling represents his prayer rather than the struggles of his sinful nature?

The beer was pretty good. 'British Bulldog', a traditional British ale.

The next day I went to an hotel to treat myself to one of those really strong Russian-style stouts.