Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prayer Update

Many thanks to those who are kind enough to keep me in their prayers.

I can't wait to start work, but that is not necessarilly going to happen next week. The big problem with working for a big organisation, especially a state-funded charity, is that it has lots of layers and departments. Lots of boxes need to be ticked in and forms need to be filled before I can start work.

The big wait at the moment is for my contract to be sent. That is taking some time. Please pray this happens speedily.

On the housing front, things are looking good. I found a lovely apartment in Stevenage. Two weeks ago, it had been taken by somebody else, but they changed their minds (remarkably as they had already paid a fee). I have paid the admin fee for this apartment and hopefully will sign a tenacy agreement soon.


Mae said...

Hi Matthew,

just a short note to let you know, that we are still praying for you. I have very little time and a lot of work right now, but i hope to find time to write at the weekend.
Greetings and God bless you,
BTW: Yes I removed my shoes. I'm sitting here in front of my homedesk only with socks, my shoes are standing behind the housedoor ;-)

Celestial Fundie said...

Mae, it is so encouraging to know you are praying.

"Yes I removed my shoes."

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew, sorry to hear things are slow with the paperwork for your new job. Praying about this with you. So pleased to hear you have found a nice apartment. Next thing will be to settle into a church. God bless, Dave

Celestial Fundie said...

Thankyou, Dave.