Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold Saturday?

Some people think me crazy for wearing flip flops in November. However, today I decided to wear socks and sneakers, as it was supposed to be really cold this weekend. Strangely enough, I saw three people wearing flip flops and even a few people wearing shorts. Maybe it had something to do with the clear skies and bright sunlight. In any case it was very cold this evening.

I went to the White Rock Hotel, which is one of my favorite bars in Hastings. They had installed a new bar in a more modern style. I am afraid to say it was not the same. It did not have the same Fawlty Towers charm. I had a pint of Boadicea Ale, a beer I had not tried before (amber coloured, slightly hoppy. Nothing special) and the Grolsch wheat beer, which I had also not tried before (a bit sickly).

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