Friday, November 21, 2008

Another answer to prayer

In order to do anything about getting accomodation in hertfordshire, I needed to know what my salary was. Some people think I am a bit silly accepting a job offer without knowing the salary. However, I had a good idea how much it was going to be and in any case, when you have been out of work for a few months, you don't take a job offer lightly.

I was having a frustrating week, waiting to hear back as to what my salary will be.

If you ever have to wait for anything, I recommend a good mental exercise- list all the Bible characters who had to wait for something. You will quickly realise that nearly every major Bible character had to wait for something.

Thankfully, I heard back from my boss yesterday and the salary was more than I had budgeted for. So I can rent a particular apartment that I wanted.

I celebrated my good news with a meal at the local Witherspoons pub. I would have gone to the pub anyway; after all that waiting I needed to de-stress with a couple of beers. I had a mixed grill (steak, sausage, lamb chops, pork chops, ham). Unfortunately, they did not ask me how I liked my steak. It was raw and bloody, while being a philistine, I like my steak burned to a crisp. They had an interesting cinammon-flavoured beer that I had not tried before. That was quite nice.


Rose~ said...

I am so happy for you! YAY!!!
That is wonderful news.

I like my steak pink. What does that make me?

Earl said...

Great news. Pubs! I get so much pleasure when I have to chance to visit one when I go to England. Real food, real drink.

It will be a while before we travel again. We want to pay off our house first, then build the cash to travel without credit cards...

Celestial Fundie said...

Rose, it makes you more European and sophisticated than I am.

Earl, yes, pubs are great.