Thursday, October 09, 2008

Intermediate Beings

In his dream at Bethel, Jacob saw a stairway between heaven and earth, with angels passing between the one realm and the other.

In the dream, angels seem to act as intermediaries between heaven and earth.

In Scripture, God often acts through the intermediary of angels. Often it was angels who gave divine revelation. Often it was angels who carried out divine judgment, smiting the army of the Assyrians or pouring out the vials of God's wrath upon the earth.

I believe that angels are the agents of God's providential control over creation. I believe that the cosmos is fundametally hierarchical.

Nature is full of hierarachy. Likewise, God has created a hierarchy of beings that exercise government over the created world, sustaining the laws that undergird the cosmos.

God is the 'father of lights'. All light originates from Him. Yet His light is mediated to us through the lesser light of the sun. Yet it seems that the light of the sun and the stars is communicated through the angels, those beings of light in the heavenlies.


Rose~ said...

Hi Matthew.
I never heard a contemporary say that before. I haven't heard a whole lot, though. :~)

Celestial Fundie said...

Some of the early church fathers took this view.

Its kind of a premodern way of thinking. We have to move beyond our scientific assumptions about the cosmos.