Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fearfulness: What I hate about the Right

A recent psychological experiment found that people with Right-wing views are more inclined to be fearful than people with Left-wing views. The experiment measured their physiological reaction to various scary images.

While experiments like that have to be taken with a pinch of salt, I thin it is probably true that Right-wingers tend to be fearful and panicky. There are things that those on the Left get heated up about, such as globalization and nuclear weapons, but opposition to such things by Left-wingers more often seems built on anger and resentment rather than fear.

I really hate this tendency among conservatives to get into a moral panic about all such things. In fact, I think this tendency is so widespread amongst conservatives, that I actualy find it hard not to dislike right-wingers in general. I shall give you a list of typical right-wing phobias:

- Immigrants are taking our jobs.

- Immigrants taking up council housing (dream on).

- Single mothers

- Social workers are trying to destroy families.

- The European Union are trying to destroy Britain.

- Gay people control the police.

- Asylum seekers are scroungers and crooks.

- The government is trying to abolish Christmas.

- Declining birthrates spell the end of European civilization.

- Britain is going to become an Islamic state.

- The police are about to start persecuting Christians.

- There will be more Muslims than Christians in the country in ten years time.

- Political correctness is out of control.

- China is going to dominate the world.

- Genetic modification of crops spells the end.

- Russia is about to start a new Cold War.

- The streets of Britain are out of control.

- Sex trafficking is as common as booze cruises.

- Drugs

- Young people.

- The sky is falling.


Palm boy said...

Good list there. Espessially this one.

- Young people.


Celestial Fundie said...

Those dreadful creatures.