Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dream last night

Last night I dreamed that I read a biology text-book that referred to 'serpent-people.'

Then I met a serpent-person. She was green and scaly.

I asked the serpent-person if her people had any culture. She replied that her people had a very rich culture. I expected her to give me a long sob story about how her people were oppressed by nasty humans, so I did not ask her any more questions.

I found the experience of meeting a serpent-person rather disturbing.


MAE said...

Your question is interesing. I wonder what I would have asked her. I think, I would have run from her.

Celestial Fundie said...

I suppose I was trying to find out whether serpent-people were intelligent beings, as opposed to dumb animals.

I think the thought of a non-human culture was rather disturbing to me.

It was scary talking to a non-human person.

Every Blessing in Christ