Sunday, October 26, 2008

As a fundamentalist I shouldn't complain about this

The sermon today was about biblical authority and compromise. The preacher insisted upon a Young Earth creation and accused those who hold to an Old Earth are compromisers who bring the Word of God into disrepute.

As one who believes in the Gap theory and who is open to the possibility of millions of years (though not committed to it), I felt a bit under attack.

As a fundamentalist I believe in militantly opposing error and defending the Word of God against compromise, so I suppose I can't complain about the preacher's strategy. However, I am pretty sure that had I been making the same point, I would have been much gentler about it.

I think views that are widely held by God-fearing preachers ought to be given a degree of respect.

One point I would certainly challenge is his argument that compromise on the age of the earth leads to liberalism. He cited the two Princeton scholars, Charles Hodge and Benjamin Warfield, who both advocated Old Earth views and identified this as a cause of Princeton Seminary's decline into liberalism. A problem for this argument would be the fact that Young Earth views have never been required at Dallas Theological Seminary (a number of different views have been taught there), yet Dallas Theological Seminary remains committed to the Inerrancy of the Word of God. While there are things that might be complained about at Dallas Theological Seminary, there is no sign that Old Earth views are dragging them towards liberalism.


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Adventism is even more dogmatic about such matters

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