Sunday, September 07, 2008

Auroa, by Evelyn De Morgan

This is probably my favorite painting by Evelyn De Morgan. In this picture, Dawn chases away Night, thus freeing Day who has been bound.

De Morgan has portrayed Dawn in this picture as angelic beings. In the Bible, angels and astral bodies are closely associated together. Thus, I believe their is a certain truth to the idea of this picture.

All light ultimately comes from God, who is the Father of Lights. Yet God has made an hierarchical universe, in which each aspect of creation is dependant upon another. There is thus good reason for thinking that our enjoyment of God's providential and sustaining work is mediated to us from the angels.

I quoted Newman a while ago on this subject, and I will do so again:

"I suppose it was to the Alexandrian school and to the early Church that I owe in particular what I definitely held about the Angels. I viewed them, not only as the ministers employed by the Creator in the Jewish and Christian dispensations, as we find on the face of Scripture, but as carrying on, as Scripture also implies, the Economy of the Visible World. I considered them as the real causes of motion, light, and life, and of those elementary principles of the physical universe, which, when offered in their developments to our senses, suggest to us the notion of cause and effect, and of what are called the laws of nature. This doctrine I have drawn out in my Sermon for Michaelmas day, written not later than 1834. I say of the Angels, "Every breath of air and ray of light and heat, every beautiful prospect, is, as it were, the skirts of their garments, the waving of the robes of those whose faces see God." Again, I ask what would be the thoughts of a man who, "when examining a flower, or a herb, or a pebble, or a ray of light, which he treats as something so beneath him in the scale of existence, suddenly discovered that he was in the presence of some powerful being who was hidden behind the visible things he was inspecting, who, though concealing his wise hand, was giving them their beauty, grace, and perfection, as being God's instrument for the purpose, nay, whose robe and ornaments those objects were, which he was so eager to analyze?" and I therefore remark that "we may say with grateful and simple hearts with the Three Holy Children, 'O all ye works of the Lord, &c., &c., bless ye the Lord, praise Him, and magnify Him for ever.'"


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