Sunday, August 24, 2008

Church hunting

I tried two churches today.

In the morning I attended a non-denominational church. According to a church directory, it is Pentecostal, but nobody spoke in tongues during the service.

In the evening I attended a Brethren assembly. Sadly, like many Brethren assemblies it had seriously declined in numbers.


Anonymous said...

Hope you settle soon in a church. Presumably your parents go to church in that town? Any interviews coming up yet? Dave.

Celestial Fundie said...

My parents go to a large Charismatic church.

I have an interview on Wednesday with a project for homeless people.

It is in the same town where my sister lives. I shall be staying the night with her.


Hi Matthew,

It is my experience that a lot of Pentecostal churches are Pentecostal in doctrine only i.e. they would read Acts/1 Corinthians 14 a lot different from me. They probably hardly ever have Tongues speakers and those that do are probably so scrutinised out of it that they hardly think it worth their while.

I sometimes (for mischief sake) send on to a Pentecostal pastor friend of mine here some of the wackier emails I get from the various prophets (and prophetess's) that lurk out there. His reply to me is generally along the line: "No thanks! I can roll my own!" :o)


Celestial Fundie said...

Colin, that reminds me of something I have said before:

"There are two kinds of Christians who believe in Charismatic gifts today; those who believe false teaching and those who are so busy opposing false teaching that they have no time to use any Charismatic gifts."