Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two Pictures by Evelyn De Morgan

The Storm Spirits (Left), Port after a storm at sea (right)

In these two pictures, Evelyn De Morgan portrayed the natural forces of wind and storm as angelic beings. I believe this idea can be justified biblically.

It is my contention that God's providential control of nature is exercised through the intermediary of angels. These beings have been delegated authority over the cosmos.

If so, then fallen angels may also have such power over the natural world. This enables us to understand why there is so much 'natural evil' in the world. If suffering in creation has its origin in the working of spiritual beings, then there is no such thing as natural evil; only a corrupted creation.

When a cyclone strikes Burma, the unbelieving conclude that it is just a chance event. Christians on the other hand fall into the pattern of either trying to think of a reason why it might be a divine judgment or else put it down to the mysteries of God's providence. I would argue a better (and in my opinion more Biblical approach) would be to put it down to the workings of maleovolent supernatural beings who are tyrannizing the cosmos.


Rose~ said...

I really think that top one is cool.

Celestial Fundie said...

Yes, it is good.