Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Redefining Smart Casual

There are two big contexts for me in which smart casual might be called for. Church and work. Neither situation explicitly calls for smart casual dress. One can go to church how one pleases, though I would hate to appear scruffy at church. There is no dress code where I work (drugs services and the social care sector in general is not noted for smartness). I am sure there must be some point at which one might get a comment from the team leader, but I have no idea what item of clothing would provoke it. I would not wear shorts or a t-shirt to work.

I think my interpretation of smart casual is more radical than most. I include flip flops and 3/4 cropped trousers (the male equivalent of Capris) in it. Not shorts. 3/4are not shorts.

I think I am being radical in my redefinition of smart casual, but I think this is a necessary progression. Women seem to get away with including cropped trousers and flip flops in the smart casual category, so I dont see why men should not. I do not see why women should be comfortable in summer and men should not.

I believe the future is on my side.

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