Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guardian: Safety First

Guardian: Safety First

'Earned amnesty would bring illegal workers out of the shadows, making life safer for migrants – and for all of us'

Article by Wil Somerville

I agree. We need to make plans for regularising the status of some of the thousands of illegal workers in this country,

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we should open our borders and let everyone throughout the world come in and then allow all of them to 'Earn Amnesty. They would be allowed free medical, social services, and social security if they were over 65. Free-for-them of course means that the tax payers would pick up the cost their support. Perhaps all citizens should also be required to speak their language, and all publications be duplicated in all of the minority languages. Or maybe each of us could just adopt one or a family and pay for all of their needs.