Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Did God create cold dead worlds?

Before the Twentieth Century, nobody knew what the planets in our solar system were like.

When man landed on the moon, he found it to be covered in dust and craters. There was speculation at one time that Mars might be inhabited, especially given what appeared to be canals on it. Later we discovered that those 'canals' were just rock formations. Another probe has landed on Mars and we are seeing yet more pictures of a dry, dusty world, and a cold one at that. Venus was once thought to be a beautiful, delightful world, now we know it is a hellish hot world with a sulfuric atmosphere. Now even Saturn's moon, Titan has turned out to be less interesting than was expected.

Why did God create worlds that are lifeless, empty and inhospitable? Are these really the handiwork of a good creator who loves beauty and order?

The Gap theory provides a possible explanation for why these worlds seem so lacking in life and delight.

We may suppose that in the original creation the planets of our solar system were in a quite different state. Perhaps in the beginning, before the present world, before the prehistoric fall of Lucifer, they were lush and green. Perhaps they were teeming with life, whether vegatable, animal, or angelic. Yet they have been ruined and desolated by the great angelic rebellion that occurred in prehistory.

It seems likely that the planets of our solar system are ruined worlds. The wolrd that God made in the six days of creation was good and perfect, yet it was built upon the ashes of an older creation, just as Babylonian mythology held that the world was made from the carcass of the dragon goddess, Tiamat.

Yet there is hope for the solar system. There is going to be a new heaven as well as a new earth. Not a completely new heaven, but a restoration of the old creation; a completely renewed cosmos. Christ has inherited both heaven and earth and He is presently gathering a people who shall exercise a new government over it, restoring it and reconciling it to God. God shall be in all things, things in heaven and things in earth.

We have reason to hope that the cold, dead worlds of our solar system will one day teem with life and be filled with beautiful things. The whole cosmos will be renewed, glorified and deified.


Jim said...

Yes I think the entire universe is groaning under the weight of sin presently.

What an amazing day that will be when the entire earth and all the heavens display the glory of God without blemish and defilement of sin.

Truly eye has not seen nor has ear heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...


Peggie said...

dyspraxic fundamentalist,
What about this?
The moon is just like what God made it. It gives
a light at night, but not too much to keep the sleepers
awake and He knew if He made it beautiful and inviting
we would want to go live there instead of here on earth
where He placed us. It may not be very beautiful when
standing on the moon, but down here where He put us
it is gorgeous some nights. Maybe He thought we should wait
until we get the new heaven and the new earth and our
new bodies. That’s my theory---

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Peggie, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Antonio said...


My thoughts are God made them exactly the way they are except for what has happened to them since creation.

Have you ever heard the argument for design that if the world were any closer to the sun it would burn the contents and if it were any farther away it would freeze.

These planets, unless they rotated around the sun in the basic circuit of the earth would burn or freeze, precisely what is visible on them now.

The planets are ornaments of God's glory.

Your fg friend,


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for offering your thoughts, Antonio.