Saturday, June 14, 2008


Did any of you get tired of Bob Geldof's foul-mouthed lectures about poverty in Africa around the time of Live 8? Did any of you get really sickened by Bono's moronic posturing about the Third World? I certainly did.

It seems the extreme metal label Supernal Music did as well, as they released a compilation of Black Metal songs by various bands entitled Anti-Geldof.

Having witnessed practically the entire Rock Music establishment endorse the Live 8 cause and the Make Poverty History campaign, it was rather refreshing to listen to a musical protest against it.

The 2 CD compilation came with a 23-page booklet explaining why the artists felt aid to Africa was a wrong cause. In true Black Metal style, this was printed in Gothic script. I have to say I though much of what was written was extreme right-wing garbage, with stuff about over-population, Europe being swamped with immigrants and Islam taking over. Much as I am not entirely convinced by everything in the anti-poverty lobby, I did not find this stuff very convincing either.

Black Metal is known for suspect political views and it was hard not to see a racial subtext to the whole thing.

Still I enjoyed the music.


Palm boy said...

A 23 page booklet is pretty stout.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Actually, it turns out it was 28 pages.

I have never read such a large amount of Gothic lettering in my life.