Sunday, March 02, 2008

Times: Carrier bags last 1,000 years? Fantastic!

Times: Carrier bags last 1,000 years? Fantastic!

"The self-righteous eco-bullies at the checkout"

Article by Melanie Reid

And the reason people are not going to give up plastic bags? It's because they are so useful: so very, very useful, in fact, that it's hard to think of a single other household item that has more applications across every facet of our lives. Plastic bags, one might say, if it is not in too bad taste, are embedded in society to a much greater extent than they are inside a porpoise's gullet. And that is the flaw at the heart of the anti-bag campaign. You might as well try to ban glass, or fridges, bicycles or handkerchiefs; for plastic bags are just as irreplaceable. One can genuinely ask, what did we do before they were invented?

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