Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts on the Far Right

I had a brief look at the British National Party's online shop, Excalibur. It was quite interesting. I was interested to notice a CD that can be found in my own CD collection.

There was a big emphasis in the material on the pagan, pre-Christian people of England. That interest mirrors the interests of those in the Scandinavian Black Metal scene who have adopted Far Right nationalists views. Individuals like Varg Vikernes combine a celebration of pagan culture with a sympathy for National Socialism. This commonality reflects the paradox of extreme nationalists; the fact they are so similar. The artist whose CD I recognised on the online shop, as it happens, is German.

Far Right groups across Europe use similar imagery, have similar policies, similar tactics and values. And frequently there is a good deal of co-operation between extreme nationalists in one country and another. One could almost imagine (though I would hardly relish it) a European Union made up of countries that had Far Right governments. Except they are against the European Union and want to stay separate from each other. Thus, the paradox of very similar people working towards the same ends and using similar means, yet at the same time wanting to be utterly separate.

I am proud of my country. I am proud of the British way of life and the great achievements of my countrymen in the past. However, being patriotic about being British helps me to understand the pride that other nationalities have in their own countries. They also have things to be proud about. Thus, if these people have things to be proud about in their own heritage, Britain can surely benefit from receiving these people into our shores to work. I believe that the diversity of modern Britain is a positive force. We are able to maintain pride in our nation and our past while at the same time delighting in the cultures of others and tolerating the different ways that those who come to our country live. We British are a tolerant people. We believe in minding our own business and not forcing people to do things a different way.

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