Sunday, March 16, 2008

Job worshipping with his family (William Blake)

The picture at the top shows Job worshipping with his family before his tragedy and trial. The second picture shows Job worshipping with his wife and his ten new children after the return of his prosperity.

Can you see some differences between the two pictures?

In the first picture, the worship is very formal. The musical instruments are not being used; they have been hung up on the tree. In contrast, the worship in the later scene seems far more joyful and heartfelt. The musical instruments are now in use, giving joyful song.

It is fascinating that William Blake has shown Job's worship after his trial to be more joyful and sincere than that of his earlier prosperity. It is so true that often trials and suffering deepen our love for the Lord and help us to draw closer to Him.

I believe holding a time of family devotion and worship can be extremely beneficial. It may be difficult to find time for such activity in a busy schedule, but if a family cannot worship at home, when can it worship? If worship is a fundamental part of what God intends for our lives, it ought to be a part of our family life. Children can only learn the ways of the Lord when they are living in a home where Scripture is central to family life.

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