Friday, March 07, 2008

Holsten Pils beer

I am trying Holsten Pils beer from Germany right now. It is not bad, but not that exciting. It is 5% in volume. It kind of tastes strong. The alcoholic content comes through in the taste, though I have tried far stronger beers than this.

A colleague of mine says it is the beer for people who get into fights. Whenever he talks to people who get into trouble for fighting, he says it is invariably Holsten Pils that they drink.


UKSteve said...

It was my birthday the other day too, and I had a bottle of the world's strongest lager (Samichlaus Bier from Austria - 14% if you're interested). It was nasty! Quite medicinal tasting.

This evening I shall be sampling some ale from the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire. A part of the world you should visit - I went a few weeks ago and came back with about 20 different beers!

Jason_Ayers_28 said...


It's Jason Ayers! Remember me?:) I can't tell you how sorry I am that I have not been in touch until now. It must have been over a year!

I am really pleased to see that you still have this blog. I have been glancing through some of the recent entries. Some interesting stuff there!

It doesn't seem long since we were at university together. Those were good years.

Do you still have that e-mail address you used to use? If so, I'll e-mail you there too. We can catch up.

I tried Holsten Pils beer once. I quite liked it.

Talk to you later I hope Matt,

God Bless


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Jason! What happened to you, man?

I tried to email you last year while I was in Japan, but your email addess did not work.

I wondered if maybe you had been put in a Thai prison or something.

My email is still the same.

God Bless


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Steve, I lived in Yorkshire when I was at college. Black Sheep was widely available, but I was teetotal at the time.

My grandmother wanted to know what beer to buy for my uncle who likes ale. I recommended Black Sheep.

God Bless


dorsey said...

Hi Matthew,
It has been my experience that making German beer is for brewers who aren't accomplished enough to make Belgian beer.

If you were nearer, I would bring you over a Chimay Grand Reserve (blue label). Or two. The alcohol content is a little high (9%), but the flavor and texture are rich and complex, not an acquired taste. You'll love it immediately. Plus, it's made and sold by Trappist monks to support their charitable activities. So you're making the world better by drinking it. Cheers.

Jason_Ayers_28 said...


I can't find your e-mail address. Could you e-mail me at

I'll delete that address once you have e-mailed me after I give you the one I usually used these days.

God Bless


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Dorsey, thanks for visiting.

I did try another Trappist beer which was okay. Think it was called 'Trappist.'

David Wyatt said...

Great B-day present, huh, bro. hook back up with old friends!!

God Bless you. And you too, bro. Jason though we've never met as far as I know!!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

David, I am sure you would like Jason.