Thursday, February 28, 2008

Times: 1,726,400,000 free-range birds?

Times: 1,726,400,000 free-range birds?

"What if we all went organic? The anti-battery farm brigade have got to do the maths"

"Even if there was a way to make British production free-range, it would be impossible to stop cheap imports arriving from the rest of the EU, where subsidies aid French broiler houses. So there will still be that choice: an ethical British chicken, or an inexpensive French one. And how many have the time or inclination to investigate either way? Free-range birds can still be reared primarily indoors, as long as there is access to an open-air environment, which can equate to a small exit flap. Do you know whether your free-range purchase has been subjected to those conditions; or are you just reading a label and picturing a field of carefree birds, happy to be turned into a pack of mini-fillets in return for 80 days of roaming in the compulsorily purchased Lake District?"

Excellent article by Martin Samuel

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