Monday, February 11, 2008

Health and Safety

I had some training today about health and safety procedures.

Health and safety gets a lot of bad press. The newspapers frequently present the notion of 'health and safety gone mad'. One continually hears apocryphal stories about all sorts of crazy regulations introduced beacuse of health and safety.

The guy who was carrying out the seminar began by dispelling the idea that health and safety is a lot of silliness. He told a story about a woman he knew who worked as a waitress. She tripped on a torn and uneven section of carpet. She fell onto a table. The cartillage of her nose broke through her skull killing her. His point was that had somebody taken the trouble to report the uneven flooring, she would still be alive.

The government's Health and Safety Executive have a very interesting webpage exposing some of the wilder stories about 'health and safety gone mad':

Health and Safety Myths

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