Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am proud to be a Tory

My membership of the Conservative party has just been renewed. I received my 2008 membership card in the post today.

I am proud to be a member of the Conservative party.

We are conservative. We are positive about the British way of life and the British way of government. We are sceptical about the constant flow of new legislation from the present government. We are sceptical about the government's desire to constantly tinker with the consitutional form of government that this country enjoys.

We believe in individual liberty. We believe that people should be able to make choices about how they live.

However, we also believe that peoples' choices have an impact on others. Individual libety means individual responsiblity. Hence, we also believe in a strong approach to law and order. We believe that criminals must be caught and punished fairly.

We believe in a free market. We believe that wealth is created by hard work and investment and that attempts to redistribute wealth are counter-productive.

We believe that Britain must be able to defend its borders and its liberties. Thus, the Conservative party suppors our armed forces and believes that defence spending must be adequate.

Although most Conservatives accept that it is right that Britain should be a welfare state and that the government must provide quality public services, we also believe that individuals must learn to be self-reliant, that the goal of welfare is to help people to stand up on their own feet.

These are the values that I believe in as a Conservative. These are the values that I do not think the Labour party and the Liberal Democrat party are fully committed to. Policies may change, but we must stand by these values.


Ryan S. said...

Some of what you say sounds great as far as rhetoric. But I suspect you conservative party in the UK has something in common with the supposed conservative party in the US i.e., the Republicans, namely its in capitulation to the agenda of the Left, and more concerned with clinging to power, and even embracing rhetoric and agenda of Left if it thinks it improves the chance of gaining power. We're in a losing battle throughout the West.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I think the Republicans in the USA need to move forward and I think that the UK Conservative party needs to keep up the pace.

I believe the future for conservative parties is too accept that a free market economy is compatible with having extensive welfare provision.

We need to accept that electorates are not convinced by our ideological hostilities to state provision of public services.

Small government is only good as rhetoric; in practice it leaves holes in society that can cause headaches.

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