Monday, December 03, 2007


I got tagged by Andrew.

I am asked for seven lesser known things about myself.

This is tough because I have given away so much information about myself on this blog.

1. I wear pyjamas in bed.

2. I usually have salami sandwiches for lunch.

3. Like Amanda, I read a lot of Fantasy. I especially like the Forgotten Realms books, especially those by RA Salvatore. I also really enjoyed Tad Williams' 'Memory, Sorrow, Thorn.'

4. I am taking a big risk making this public, but here goes. I listen to Heavy Metal music, particularly Norwegian Black Metal. I think the Burzum albums are the best music ever made in the Nineties.

5. I really enjoy a quiz show called the Eggheads. In this programme, a team of contestants competes against the Eggheads, a group of veteran quiz players who are incredibly knowledgeable about everything. Usually the Eggheads win. It is a fun programme because the Eggheads are so eccentric.

6. I have a problem with anxiety. My hand shakes quite a lot.

7. I suppose this is common knowledge already, but I really like people who visit my house to remove their shoes. If you come to my house and take your shoes off without being asked, I will find it hard to dislike you.

I am tagging:

Palm Boy


Andrew said...

Hi Matthew!

You enjoy heavy metal? That's unusual! I never imagined you being into that sort of music! I learn something new every day! :-)


Rose~ said...

#1 is shocking!

Rose~ said...

although you spelled "pajamas" wrong. ;~)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Andrew, I am not such a nice guy really.

Rose, what is so shocking about that? We spell them differently here.