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Home Assemblies and Bible Basics

Home Assemblies and Bible Basics

Very good material in favour of churches meeting in homes. Fundamentalist and KJV-Only.


pecheur said...

Greetings in the name of OUR Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Where to start? No idea. I'll just jump in and begin and see where I end up.

First, I found you thru KC's blog. He and I go way back. He's a great friend of mine. Honestly, I have not been able (nor taken the time) to really read his blog, so i have no idea what you have said there. So, if you have to repeat yourself, please don't mind me.

Tonight, I have spent about 3 hours or so reading your entire blog from beginning to the lastest update. This does not include any links nor other blogs you have started. I would say I have reead about 80% of what was written. My purpose in reading your blog was to find out what the heck "dyspraxic" was and what you meant by "fundamental". I think I have both of those questions answered.

I originally came here to your corner to learn more about John Darby. I am planning a post on John Darby's influence in France. I am an American living here in France and I was wondering how much of an influence John Darby may have had here.

But I have enjoyed an interesting journey. At first, I thought you were a joke and being sarcastic, then I realized your sincerity and I gained a lot of respect for you even though I disagree with you on almost everything you stand for.

I made some notes and so if I do not go through them, I will feel I am doing myself a huge diservice, (oh how important I must think myself to be) HAHA.

You do not have to feel obligated to respond to any of this. This is not an attack. So many times it is hard to convey tone in written form. My personality usually comes across as coarse and direct. And as you, I too have been accused of being non-compassionate. But if you will, you must believe that what I am about to say is not any way to be viewed as an attack of you. I am just interacting with you. And as said earlier, we disagree on almost every subject, but we simply must agree to disagree. We can still be friends even though we disagree.

I do find you very intriguing. You sort of remind me of people I know and some pals from DTS (the bastion of dispinsationalism, but you already knew that).

6 day Creationist. I could go either way. It could be literal but it doesn't have to be. Whatever one believes on that doesn't really matter to me.

Pre-Mil. I may have to agree with you here.

Post-Trib. Don't know if I believe it or not. Don't know if I am still a Pre-Triber or not. I think here the most important thing is a pre-Mill position.

Dispenation. I am, I guess, but only because I see israel and the church as separate. End times, tried to find where I fall and the evidence now is inconclusive.

RCC=pagan. Funny. I do not exactly what to do with it, but I won't go that far. I know many fine born again Catholics. I've seen some who are better at sharing the gospel than anyone.

God's Word is 100% perserved in the KJV. I thank KC for this. I am of the opinion that the KJV does contain God's Word, but it is not the only Bible that contains God's Word. While we are here, let me share about the Lord's Prayer. interesting idea about it being for Jewish. Studying it, and found one commentary who said that it had the structure of a Jewish prayers. Now we are not to add to nor take away from the Bible. And we accuse the Catholics of adding to the Bible with the Apocrypha. But what about the scribes who obviuosly added, "For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory forever, Amen." This is where the KJV and others have accepted "additions." Now, of course, non-KJVers are going to be accussed of taking away from the Bible. So, whose right? I think i am, you think you are. In the end, it makes no difference. Even the Living Bible, one can find God and his message for humanity. NO major doctrine is affected by the thousands of variants throughout the entire Bible.

Charimatic gifts. Noticed you changed your position on this one. A good dispensationalist is a good cessationist. Teehee.

You have questions reagrding the ordination of ministers. Well, I am ordained. I see your concerns, but I disagree with you and JND and the current house, cell, oragnic church movements.

Star of David= Star of Moloch. Careful careful careful. Symbolism can go either way. Don't get too hung up on 666, it may actually be 616.

Hijab and your head coverings. Same thing. And I think you may agree with me, n'est-ce pas? I am not trying to put words in your mouth. But it all looks, well, legalistic. Hey don't bring out the big guns on this one. I know you this is one of your favorite Pauline verses, but I doubt I will be convinced otherwise.

I love it. Hermenutics is determined by "explanation" Find this one a bit funny.

Oh and the do's and dont's of a legalistic Christian. Priceless. but don't drink beer either, you winebibber (hahahaha, just a funny, I am being a bit, as you Brits say, "naughty.") I wrote this as a funny, "So you can drink but no short skirts short haired women allowed?"

This is real. I am being sincere. Glad you believe in Mermaids. I may also but not for the same reasons.

"Reformed Theonomic Reconstructionism" isn't that in line with the Anglican Church. My Anglican friends are in to this. Isn't this within Post-Millism??

Eldership. No apostles so no authority. Good point, but didn't Jesus give authority to the Church? And then, the church can appoint that authrity to "clergy?" Herein is my big issue with the house, cell, and organic church. The laying on of hands has authority because the church has that authority that it gives to those who have felt the calling of God to preach. We could go on and on and really never get anywhere.

Another non-Calvinist. Whoohoo. I liked the Lobster Post Armenian.

Good point about God stopping wars.

Poor chap. Everyone is dressing down these days for church. I think my mom would agree with you though, and that is saying a lot.

Blasting Screwtape and CS?? Heretic (haha). No, I like him a lot. I like his Screwtapes and his Last Battle. I find his view refreshing. A breathe of fresh air from all the Frozen Chosen crowd who have so focused on their own election and assume they are in. has any non-elect ever believed in Calvinism?

The Eve theory. Can tell you have a background in fantansy. Zero bibical support for your theory, or whoever's theory you stole it from. Not even biblical support from the NIV (those bunch of devil worshippers, [being funny here] ). Remember, we can't make up theories from the silence of the Bible. You would not accceept the Gap Theory because of its lack of biblical support, maybe should apply that same rule to the Eve theory. Granted, neither of us can prove we are right. Nor should we. It is not important. If it had been God would have told us. Although I am glad to see that you believe that sex was not the sin of the fall and that they were having sex BEFORE the fall. Excellent.

Magic formula for the Lord's Prayer by the Message. Gone over this already, but what about the additions to the Lord's prayer found in Matt 6:13 (included in the KJV and the Majority Text of the Textus Receptus).

"worldview". So I said it. Am I cool now? Actually, worldview is important. But I do grant you it has becme a buzzword in Christendom. But I want to add that worldview is important for missiological studies. As was told to me, to talk about worldview is similar to a fish talking about water.

Christian Socialist. Having a hard time getting a handle on this. Of course, if I could only be a hard core dispensationalist I could pass the buck and believe the sermon on the Mount is for the future state of Israel and has little to no relavance for me today (that was probably uncalled for, a shot below the belt, and to my shame a bit arrogant). But I am having problems balancing the words of Jesus and to what extent they should be applied here.

Fish symbol. Had another Brit tell me the other day that it seems it is a symbol to let other Christians know they are Christians also. Sort of a secret club. Good points, both of you.

You don't seem to like the JWs? What have they done? HAHA. Just dening the Trinity, that's all. This is a sincere question and it is not poking fun. But how does anyone differentiate your street preaching from the door to door JW's?

Oh yeah, I am one of those servants who takes money. But let there be no mistake about it, when you go to Finland to be a worker, or some foot-wearing-in-the-house place, you will know that just because someone has an income that that does not exclude them from having to live a life of faith.

House Assemblies. As you have said some good and some bad.

Whew. Do you feel you have just had a royal beating? I hope not. I want to emphasis again that by no means am I being "mean". I realize I am uncompassionate. But I do not want my sharp critique to be taken as a smack to your face. i consider you my brother in christ( that's the Yank coming out in me) and a fine person.

I have learned a lot tonight as I read your life. Even with all your quirks, you are nice chap to be around. I have never actually met a street preacher, I have always considered them cooks. But I do not find you to be crazied. I do not think I could ever do it. Too smug of a lifestyle I have. However, I am trying to work on the whole loose your life to find it thing. Not doing so well. I bet you could talk for hours on JND. I wish I could go back to Finland. I love Helsinki. One of my classmates is Finnish. I had thought I would like to learn Finnish, when I visted, but I really had no reason to learn it. (But they do not use the KJV?? teehee).

Well, keep a look out for head-covering modestly dressed women who read the KJV (or at least do not read the blasted Message or NIV) and who hate wearing shoes on the inside. And lastly Go to Finland!! =)

Blessings on you my brother,

PS Did not take the time to edit this, so forgive me for all the spelling and grammar errors and any just outlandish hard to understand statements. But after reading Darby, you may not have a problem with me. =)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read all that.

I very much enjoyed reading your thoguhts.

God Bless


Ryan S. said...

I grew up with the King James authorized version. Though, I started using the NKJV a few years back.

What are compelling reasons for KJV-only?

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

The best defence of the KJV is Edward F Hills 'The King James Version Defended'.

Reasons for favouring the KJV:

1. Its foundation in the traditional text.
2. Its literal approach to translation.
3. Its use of italics.
4. The suspect nature of more recent translations.
5. The helpful use of 'thou' which aids accuracy.
6. The testimony of beleivers as to its power and authority.
7. Its beauty and ease of memorability.

Every Blessing in Christ