Friday, September 30, 2005

Article in Seattle Times in Favour of Shoes-Off Rule

The custom is more favoured in the North-Western USA.

Article in Favour of Shoes-Off Rule

I am not alone in my conviction.

The Bible League Trust

A British organisation which produces an excellent quaterly journal. Calvinistic and defends the King James Bible, with a strong emphasis on traditional Protestant worship.

Vance Publications

Definitely worth a visit. Laurence Vance is both critical of Calvinism and a defender of the King James Bible. Unusually for one of such old-style Fundamentalist leanings, Vance has written some excellent analysis of politics and economics. His criticisms of current United States policies are insightful.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tidiness and Shoes-Off Policy

In a couple of earlier posts I have argued in favour of the practise of removing shoes at the door and asking visitors to do the same.

My parents do not ask visitors to remove their shoes, even though they have light carpets. This is primarily because they are always very concerned to be polite and hospitable. I think it is also because they are generally more concerned about tidiness than cleanliness. They cannot stand the sight of shoes being left at the door. When they take their shoes off, they put them straight in the closet.

I think it is important to be tidy, but a dirty carpet is worse than a pile of shoes at the door.

Story about the Mexican Fisherman

You have probably heard that story about the Mexican fisherman. The American sees that a Mexican fisherman has stopped working after lunch and goes home for the rest of the afternoon.

The American argues that if he worked in the afternoon, he would be able to make a profit and expand his operation. The fisherman asks why he would want to do that. The American replies that he can then retire early and have more spare time. The fisherman replies that he has plenty of spare time by not working in the afternoon.

This story misses the point, however. The real reason why the fisherman should work in the afternoon is that his wife probably wants new clothes, presents of jewellery, a bigger house and foreign holidays. If his wife had these things she might be easier to live with.

Christian Watch

A British organisation making a stand for the King James Bible and the Reformation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wailing Women

You could probably describe my favourite kind of music as 'Wailing Women'- Liz Frazer of the Cocteau Twins, Lisa Gerrard, Bjork, Hagalaz Runedance etc.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I like Spiders. I dont like touching them, but I like them. They seem to me to be very peaceful creatures. They do not make any noise at all. You never hear a word of complaint from a Spider.


I would like to be able to accept Calvinism. The Calvinist system is very logical and consistent and is held by many worthy and godly men. However, I simply cannot see this system in Scripture. I have never heard a thoroughly persuasive arguemnt for Unconditional Election nad I think Total Depravity is a problematic concept.

I think Calvinists read the Bible through the lens of an Operational hermeneutic that simply sees everything as an outcome of God's specific purpose and thus soften texts that do not support this hermeneutic.

I think a more Biblical approach would be to take a relational model of Divine-Human interaction. It seems to me that the Bible teaches that God invites men and women to freely enter a relationship with Him.

Monday, September 26, 2005

If I had written 'Lord of the Rings'....

If I had written 'Lord of the Rings', Aragorn would have taken the One Ring for himself. He would have kicked Denethor out of town, proceeded to Mordor with an army, blasted down the Black Gates of Morrannon, poked the Dark Lord Sauron in his one eye, turned the fortress of Barad-Dur into a parking lot, claimed the throne of Gondor and married Arwen.

What is a Hobbit anyway?

The Evil of Organic Food

The subject of Organic produce gets me really mad. Many people, including my dear sister, like to rave about how great Organic food is for your health. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to confirm this. There is no difference in taste between Organic and normal produce. It is simply a way for farmers to make a bigger profit in a difficult market (very understandable).

The real evil of Organic food is that it is very inefficent in its use of land. Hence, by reducing the pool of land available for growing produce, it pushes up the price of fruit and vegatable in general, making it harder for the poor to buy healthy food.

Seek God- Vicky Dillen

A very interesting and useful site exposing deception and Occultism in the Charismatic, Hebrew Roots and Messianic movement. Supports the King James Version and conventional Dispensationalism.

The dangers of the Messianic movement are very subtle. A lot of Christians, especially Charismatics, put anything Jewish on a pedestal. I know a Christian who believes nearly everything Arnold Fruchtenbaum says just because he is a Messianic Jew (despite the fact that this Christian is well aware of the evil of the 'Star of David' symbol that Fruchtenbaum uses). I also know a man who used to call himself a Messianic Jew. His extensive study of Jewish literature lead him to deny that Jesus is the Messiah and so is now a Non-Messianic Jewish convert.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

UnKosher Diet

I eat a really unkosher diet- my favorite foods are Black Pudding, Pork Pie and Pork Scratchings.

No way am I joining the Seventh-Day Adventist Judaizers.

Called Saints in Christ

A wholesome blog from a Christian who takes a more conventional Dispensational position than I do. He is not a King-James Onlyist, but neither are a lot of people who are sound in doctrine.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Return of the Stargods

An interesting combination of Dispensationalism, Calvinism, David Icke's theories about Reptilians and the Serpent Seed heresy.

There is some useful stuff here. I think that some fallen angels may be reptilian beings (I may do a post on thsi subject).

Church Eldership

Most Churches appoint elders, either through existing elders or by election. However, I would strongly question their authority to make elders today.

In the New Testament we find that elders were appointed either by apostles or by their delegates, such as Titus and possibly Timothy. There is no evidence of any other means of appointing elders. We have no apostles today and so no authority to appoint elders. It is a serious thing when we take to ourselves authority that only God can give. God has allowed the true eldership to be lost- can we give ourselves what only God can give? It would be like the people of Israel, having lost the Ark of the Covenant taking it upon themselves to make their own Ark.

The logic behind the appointment of elders today is the same as that behind the Charismatic movement. "They had miracles and prophecies in the New Testament, therefore we should have them today." Likewise, "They had elders in the Early Church therefore we need them today." However, God does not work according to our logic.

There are serious questions that need to be asked about modern elders. What makes them elders? Can the appointment of an elder be a mistake? If the appointment is not in accordance with God's will, do we need to submit to them? As there are no denominations in scripture, do modern elders have authority over Christians in their local area who are not part of their denomination?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Lame Power of a Healthy Bank Balance

I have been paid this week for some GCSE marking that I did. Hence, my bank balance is larger than it has probably ever been. Having lots of money seems strangely disturbing.

However, no matter how big one's bank account, you cannot avoid the delay and inconvenience of bureaucratic channels. I have been under a lot of stress lately, trying to book a flight. It has been very difficult, having to mess about with banks and airline booking agencies. However, thanks to the Lord, I believe that my flight will finally be booked.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chalcedon Foundation
I highly recommend readers to visit the website of the Chalcedon Foundation. It advocates Reformed Theonomic Reconstructionism. I do not agree with the all of the theology of Chalcedon, especially its Postmillennial eschatology, however, they have some superb Christian analysis of society, culture and politics.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Police Documentaries

I just love police documentaries like 'Police Camera Action' and 'Traffic Cops.' It is great watching low-life jerks getting sorted out by the cops. I cannot stop myself from shouting 'Yer nicked!' when I watch these programmes.

I suppose my love for these programmes demonstrates that I at heart I am a bit of a Fascist.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do Mermaids Exist?

I think it highly possible that Mermaids and Mermen may have existed, or perhaps still exist. Sailors all around the world have claimed to have seen these weird creatures. I think the theory that 'Mermaids' were Sea Cows is rubbish. Have you ever seen a Sea Cow? They do not look much like women, let alone beautiful women.

However, they can hardly be natural creatures. Would God have made such a thing? If Mermaids and Mermen were real, it is most likely that they were some sort of aquatic variation of the Nephilim, the hybrids of men and angels. We know from the Bible that some angels have an animal-like appearance, so it is possible that some might have a fish-like tail that might be inherited by their unnatural children. Or perhaps Merpeople might be the result of an even more terrible genetic experiment involving fish and humans, as well as angels. The apocryphal book of Enoch hints at such nefarious activity.

The Bible teaches that their were Nephilim in Canaan after the Flood, which raises the question of where these hybrids came from. If some of the original Nephilim were aquatic beings, they might have survived the Flood and perpetuated their corrupt line. This raises the possibilty that Nimrod, the first king of Babylon, might have been one of the giants; we are told that he was a 'mighty hunter'. Alexander Hislop points out in the 'Two Babylons' that the mother goddess Ishtar, of anicient Babylon, was a mermaid. That Nimrod's mother was a Mermaid would explain the connection.

Jehovah's Witnesses

A terrible heresy. Deniers of the Trinity, promoting a gospel of works and forbidding urgent medical treatment. But if you know your Scriptures, you can really make them uncomfortable.

The worst thing about the Jehovah's Witnesses is they seem to gather a fringe of people who do not join them, but who occasionally go to their meetings. As a Christian evangelist, I have found that these people are very difficult to reach. They are very resistant to Christian doctrine, having been convinced that Jehovah's Witnesses have a supeirior understanding of the Bible.

For useful information on Jehovah's Witnesses see the Watchtower Information Service:

Dont you just love Watchtower and Awake magazines? It is a really informative and well put together magazine, despite the awful false teaching. And those paintings and illustrations are absolutely brilliant! They really make you want to live in paradise on earth.
A website well worth a visit is Quotes. It provides quotations from old issues of Watchtower and other J.W. publications without any comment. It is neither pro nor anti J.W, it just provides pure information.

I have to say that the Jehovah's Witnesses have hit on to an important eschatological point that Christians mostly neglect. That is the, the restoration of Paradise on earth in eternity. Most Christians seem to think of the eternal state as an unearthly, Platonic and ethereal existence. For resurrected belivers this will partailly be the case, but certainly not for the millennial nations (study Rev 21 and 22).

I am going to Finland

I am planning to visit a family in Helsinki for four days in October (lokakuu). I am really looking forward to it.

I have been trying to lear the Finnish language since last Febuary (Helmikuu). It was a toss-up between Swedish and Finnish, as both are the official languages of Finland. I ahve been finding it a real struggle, as not only is it probably the most difficult language in Europe, but I am not terribly good at languages myself. I only acheived a D at French and a C at Latin (a lot of use).

I have a real fascination with Finland and a peculiar love for the country even though I have never been. Is it their interesting history? Their cool national coat of arms (I really like that scary Lion)? Is it my liking for cold weather (in small doses)? I am not sure. I have always liked the thought of visiting Scandinavian countries.

There are reasons why I might dislike Finland- it is a somewhat outdoor culture, saunas do not sound very appealing to me, the left-wing political culture, the requirment of national service (an abomination), the ban on smacking (another abomination) and the strong influence of Feminism.

Swimming Pools and Beaches

Most Christians seem to think it is perfectly fine to attend swimming pools, full of half naked men and women and to dress in a similar manner on beaches. Is this really acceptable?

People used to wear swimming costumes that actually covered up a substantial part of the body. It would have been considered quite indecent for men and women to associate together in the half-naked state that is encountered at modern swimming pools. Now, I know that people in the Victorian era went a little far about modesty, not allowing men to wear shorts or requiring women to wear petticoats at all times. However, human nature has not fundamentally changed since those times. Near-nakedness just seems to me plain indecent. How can a society encourage chasity outside of marriage when peoples' bodies are on display in this way? Most Christians would consider it immodest for a woman to wear a swimming costume in the streets of a city, so why should it be acceptable on a beach or in a unisex swimming session?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Election and Unconditional Love

A Calvinist friend of mine says that what persuaded him to accept the Calvinist belief in Unconditional Election was the thought of God's unconditional love for the Elect. If the Elect are chosen on the basis of their faith in Christ, then God's love for them is conditional upon that faith. I do not accept this conclusion. I will draw an analogy to help.

Suppose a man has been married for 20 years. He loves his wife with an unconditional love. However, his wife, before they were married chose to respond to his offer of love. Does this mean that the husband's love for his wife is only conditional upon his wife making that intitial response to his love? Does he only love her because she loved him?

God foreknew the response of His elect in eternity before the foundation of the world. He eternally loved them with an unconditional love. He chose in His sovereignty to bestow upon them an almighty love. To suggest that the weak, supernaturally aided response of the converted sinner to this grace makes it conditional is to trivialise the character of God's grace.

I dare say that if I give this analogy to my friend he would say- 'You shouldnt read the spiritual out of the natural.' However, Calvinists do this all the time. They love to make analogies that support their position and dismiss those that do not. Fine, I wont use analogies if you dont.

Supernatural Spiritual Gifts

This post is to announce my change in position on supernatural gifts. Previously I held to the Charismatic/ Pentecostal view that supernatural gifts are to be expected in the Church today. I now believe this to be incorrect. While God may choose to grant miracles today, Christians should not expect to receive supernatural gifts today.

My change of position was prompted initially by my recognition that the Church is currently in a state of apostasy. Would God grant a similar level of miracles to a failed dispensation as a new dispensation?

My main argument for the continuation of the charismata was that Christ had established the Davidic Kingdom at His Resurrection and Ascension. However, I had not taken into account the fact that a change of dispensation takes place after the stoning of Stephen, which closes the Jewish dispensation and resulting in the postponement of the Kingdom. The new dispensation begins with the introduction of Gentiles into the Church. After this change of dispensation, further miracles serve to confirm that God's attention had shifted onto the Gentiles (though God still works in judgment towards the Jews in the Church dispensation). There is no indication in the Bible that these miracles should continue.

As for prophecy, I had not taken sufficent account of the sufficency of Scripture. In fact, it is very difficult to establish a basis for the closure of the New Testament canon while holding to the continuation of prophetic revelation.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sheriff Arpaio

Sherif Arpaio, the hardline Arizona sheriff, visited Britain this week. From his comments on the radio, I do not hink he was very impressed with how we do things over here.

Arpaio has angered plenty on the Liberal-Left by his controversial management of jails- making prisonners wear black and white stripes with pink underwear, housing inmates in over-heated tents in the desert and giving them incredibly cheap food.

I think Arpaio is absolutely brilliant. If only we had people like him in charge of law and order in this country. In Britain we are far too soft with low-lifes.